Inspiration to take a deeper dive in working with intangible cultural heritage

The inspiration category includes inspiring case studies that were part of the IMP-events, a literature overview, external toolkits with a focus on the topic of ICH & museums, and a series of relevant background documents.

The final publication of the IMP project combines essays, interviews, case studies and more about the relationship between museums and intangible cultural heritage. The summary of the book is available in additional languages:


In this booklet, you will find information on diverse types of collaborations that took place between museums and practitioners of intangible cultural heritage, with an eye on passing this heritage on to the future.

Videos and descriptions of 4 collaborations between museums and ICH communities, groups, and individuals to contribute to and stimulate the development of innovative practice experiences that, in the future, can offer inspiration for museums to engage in intangible cultural heritage.

Search the inspirational cases of museums and ICH and associated videos.

An extensive bibliography with books and articles that cover the topic of intangible cultural heritage and museums.

A special issue of the Dutch magazine Museumpeil focused on intangible cultural heritage and museums. This special issue comprises contributions about best practices of collaboration between museums and bearers of intangible cultural heritage.

External toolkits and explorations

Faro Convention in Action is an active learning platform where the Faro Convention Network builds on its good practices and generates dynamic dialogue among practitioners, facilitators and heritage actors.

A toolkit designed by the MERL to help museums and other heritage organizations use the combination of intangible cultural heritage ideas and creative and digital practices for the interpretation of ICH.

The booklet contains recommendations for the exhibition and presentation of living traditions in museums. (Available in German, French, and Italian)

A step-by-step guide to assist museums, archives and independent researchers in the process of digitizing their existing collections of intangible heritage-related material.

Results of a pilot project that explores the role of intangible cultural heritage in museum contexts, prepared by ICOMOS.

Intangible cultural heritage can effectively contribute to sustainable development. In Finland, a concrete tool has been developed to discuss and analyse the different dimensions of sustainable development in relation to living heritage in a practical way.

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Book: Museums and intangible cultural heritage.

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IMP-book: Executive summary (EN)

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IMP-book: Executive summary (NL)

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IMP-book: Executive summary (IT)

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IMP-book: Executive summary (DE)

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IMP-book: Executive summary (FR)

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ICH & Museums: an introduction

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What is Intangible Cultural Heritage?

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ICH & Museums: Reference framework, key texts and networks

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