Museum cases

Here we collect inspiring and innovative cases, ideas and examples of museums in Europe that have worked with intangible cultural heritage and its practitioners. 


The Corner Shop | MAS


Uw toren is niet af | Museum hof van Busleyden


Sortons des clichés! | FEMS


A Performance Museum | International Puppetry museum Antonio Pasqualino


In the valley of images | Musée d'ethnographie de Neuchâtel


Representing Mokum/Damsko | Amsterdam Museum


Lierse Kant | Stadsmuseum Lier


Dia de los Muertos | MAS


Winter sports culture | Museo di Leventina


Participation as a key word for integrated heritage support | PARCUM


Intangible Heritage and extra-european collections | Musée d'Angoulême


Museene danser | Norwegian centre for traditional music and dance


"1001 HEIMAT" - a pre-project to the exhibition "HEIMAT. Drawing the line" | Stapferhaus Lenzburg


Crappa | Fundaziun da cultura Lumnezia


Happiness | Flipje en Streekmuseum Tiel


HANDWERK | Zeeuws Museum


The winter rituals of the transition to the new year in Casentino | Ecomuseo del Casentino

IMP Co-creations

The Intangible Cultural Heritage and Museums Project provides a creative impulse to all participating partner countries by offering (members of) ICH-communities, -groups or individual ICH-practitioners a forum, advice and financial support for setting up a contemporary (co-)creation or performance in interaction with a museum. The overall goal? To contribute to and stimulate the development of innovative practice experiences that, in the future, can offer inspiration for museums to engage in intangible cultural heritage!

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