Roffa’s Creators

Social Connection Project

Museum: Wereldmuseum  website
Years: 2018-2019


Intangible cultural heritage is present in our museums through the many public and research programs we facilitate. It is also tangible in the connections we make on social media platforms and in the media, through our strategic PR approach.


Roffa’s Creators

Description of the project / practice / program

Roffa’s Creators is a group of seven young urban artists that work individually or in duo. All share their perspective on their city and their love of culture by making new artworks for the museum through photography, vlogs, illustrations, etc. Working with these young artists allows the museum to make a better connection with the younger generation of the city, and creates a social network, even when the museum is closed for rennovation. It all started as an online experiment, a small step with a much bigger impact than foreseen.

How were practitioners of intangible cultural heritage involved?

Young urban artists from Rotterdam were asked to reflect on the collection, core values and slogan of the Wereldmuseum. This inspired them, each in a unique way, to create new work often intertwined with their own cultural identity.

Photo: (c) Chelsea Breur en Stacii Samidin for Wereldmuseum

CV of the author

Nienke Bloemers

Nienke Bloemers is Head of Marketing at the National Museum of World Cultures, consisting of Tropenmuseum (Amsterdam), Museum Volkenkunde (Leiden), and Afrika Museum (Nijmegen), which is a joint venture with the Wereldmuseum (Rotterdam). She is a member of the management team and responsible for all brands, marketing campaigns, corporate communication & PR, customer insights and sales. Joining the team just after the merger, she has been part of developing and leading the major transformations and innovations taking place in all 4 museums simultaneously, a unique model in the cultural sector. Prior to working at the National Museum of World Cultures Nienke was Head of Digital Marketing at Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings for The Netherlands and Belgium, responsible for developing and implementing the digital strategy as well as leading the internal digital transformation. Combining her commercial experience with culture, Nienke strongly believes in having a social impact. “It’s about choosing courage over comfort, daring to take steps toward positive change. However big or small the step, it's about creating whole hearted connections and setting the agenda.”

Grace Wong is brandmanager of the Wereldmuseum and born and raised in Rotterdam. Prior to her current job, she worked in marketing at Top Notch, a music label. She's passionate about marketing towards young and urban citizens, and about developing inclusive marketing strategies.


  • Embrace diversity in your internal organization.
  • Dare to experiment.
  • Make social connections online as important as offline.



03 April 2019 from 13:34 to 13:34


Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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