The Cités de la Gastronomie network. A stimulating process

Building a network of cultural facilities dedicated to the gastronomic meal of the French and food culture

Museum: Mission francaise du patrimoine et des cultures alimentaires
Years: 2019-2024

The Cités de la Gastronomie network. A stimulating process

Description of the project / practice / program

main: Further to the recognition of the gastronomic meal of the french by UNESCO in 2010 we've been mainly working on the the main safeguarding measure of the candidacy which is the creation of a cultural equipment dedicated to food culture in general and gastronomic meal more particularly. The multidisciplinary facility is named "Cité de la Gastronomie". From now to 2024 four of them will be launched and open to public. This is a very exiting and new reflection on cultural facilities, audience and  ICH.

How were practitioners of intangible cultural heritage involved?

museum: The project is the conclusion of long process that had engaged various people from chefs, academics, teachers, ngo, elected officials, museums experts, winemakers, farmers, breeders, ... into the elaboration of the safeguarding measures listed to solidify the gastronomic meal of the French's current viability. The Cités de la Gastronomie's network is thought to contribute to raising the public's awareness of history, functions and values of the element. Each Cité de la Gastronomie while cooperating to mutual project among the network is developing its own main focuses : wine culture, food sustainability, food studies, health and food culture, ... Each Cité will offer to a large audience the possibility of experimenting the cultural environment (know how, history, practices, ...) of the gastronomic meal of the french through exhibitions, masterclasses, seminars, and performing arts.

Photo: (c) Mission francaise du patrimoine et des cultures alimentaires

CV of the author

Graduated from the Institute for Political Sciences, Pierre Sanner started his professional career at the Pompidou Center where he was in charge of the publications department (foreign rights and marketing department). He the joined the Revue Noire editorial company to develop cultural projects linked to African contemporary arts. He was invited in 1997-1999 by the Mayibuye Centre University of Western Cape, South Africa, to research and promote the photographic archives. He co-curated with Revue Noire the first African photography biennale "Eye Africa" (1999). For various structures he has developed different cultural projects to promote contemporary arts and culture. He is currently the Director of the Mission Française du Patrimoine et des Cultures Alimentaires, which was the organisation in charge of the application about the French gastronomic meal to be included in the ICH list of UNESCO.



18 June 2020 from 08:24 to 08:24



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