Marilena Alivizatou: 'Intangible Heritage and the Museum. New perspectives on Cultural Preservation'

Alivizatou, M., Intangible Heritage and the Museum. New Perspectives on Cultural Preservation (Walnut Creek 2012).
Abstract: 'In this comparative, international study Marilena Alivizatou investigates the relationship between museums and the new concept of “intangible heritage.” She charts the rise of intangible heritage within the global sphere of UN cultural policy and explores its implications both in terms of international politics and with regard to museological practice and critical theory. Using a grounded ethnographic methodology, Alivizatou examines intangible heritage in the local complexities of museum and heritage work in Oceania, the Americas and Europe. This multi-sited, cross-cultural approach highlights key challenges currently faced by cultural institutions worldwide in understanding and presenting this form of heritage.