CO-CREATION 1 | Sint Maarten Utrecht & Museum Catharijneconvent

The co-creation project of the Netherlands is a project from the Sint Maarten Utrecht and Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht.

On 11 November, Utrecht celebrates the annual Saint Martin’s festival, dedicated to the city’s patron saint, St. Martin of Tours. During the feast of Saint Martin the city becomes a stage for countless activities and celebrations, culminating in the Saint Martin’s Parade: a parade full of home-made lanterns, music and light sculptures. In order to propagate the ideals of Saint Martin, togetherness, sharing and justice, Sint Maarten Utrecht (Saint Martin’s Assembly Utrecht) was founded in April 2001. The Sharing Arts Society and Museum Catharijneconvent are partner organizations. Museum Catharijneconvent tells the story of Christianity in the Netherlands and highlights religious heritage with the aim of getting better insight into our current society.

The co-creation of Sint Maarten Utrecht and the museum contains the creation of a new light sculpture by inhabitants of Utrecht. This new sculpture will be used for the parade but will also get a place in the museum the other days of the year. Placing this light sculpture beside ancient paintings and objects related to Saint Martin, the museum shows that this present day Saint Martin tradition is dynamic, very much alive and is relevant.