Museum cases

Here we collect inspiring and innovative cases, ideas and examples of museums in Europe that have worked with intangible cultural heritage and its practitioners. 


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Intangible Heritage and extra-european collections


New permanent exhibition of Musées Gadagne-Musées des arts de la marionnette


Food and culinary practices in Tarentaise


Windows on gardens


Aubusson weaves Tolkien


The creation of the Gardens of the Musée International de la Parfumerie (MIP) and the redesign of the permanent exhibition in the MIP

IMP Co-creations

The Intangible Cultural Heritage and Museums Project provides a creative impulse to all participating partner countries by offering (members of) ICH-communities, -groups or individual ICH-practitioners a forum, advice and financial support for setting up a contemporary (co-)creation or performance in interaction with a museum. The overall goal? To contribute to and stimulate the development of innovative practice experiences that, in the future, can offer inspiration for museums to engage in intangible cultural heritage!

Co-creation 1 | Museum Catharijneconvent & Sint Maartenberaad Utrecht (NL)

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Co-creation 2 | Antonio Pasqualino International Puppet Museum and its puppetry company (IT)

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Co-creation 4 | Théâtre des Origines and the Cité internationale de la tapisserie (FR)