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If you are located in one of the five IMP-partner countries - Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, France or Switzerland - you can receive a hard copy of the book 'Museums and intangible cultural heritage. Towards a third space in the heritage sector. A companion to discover transformative heritage practices for the 21st century', or its executive summary in English, Dutch, Italian, French or German free of charge. Please provide us with your postal details through the form below, and you will be sent a copy as soon as possible!

If you aren’t located in one of the 5 IMP-partner countries, get in touch with

  • to get a hard copy of the book (6,50 euro + shipment cost)’, or simply download the digital version through this link
  • to get a hard copy of the executive summary in your preferred language (2,50 euro + shipment cost), or download your copy from the toolkit 

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